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Get to know backbook with these demo videos and testimonials.

Why backbook?

Demo Videos

General Overview



Invoicing & Accounting


“I finally saw the thing that I knew existed somewhere” - Monika - Pizzeria Lola

“After using backbook, I would never go back” - Jamie - Ciao Bella

"Let’s face facts... Inventory and ordering product are necessary evils. They are time consuming, inconvenient and tedious. Yet, as a significant metric used to measure the performance of my Club, they must be consistent and accurate.


Backbook has taken the least favorite portion of my job and significantly reduced the time I need to spend on it.


I do not need to make calls to each salesperson to place orders, Backbook interfaces with our major vendors, automatically places my orders and sends an email or text to my salesperson so they are kept in the loop.


My favorite part is the inventory portion of Backbook. What used to take 6 to 8 hours now takes under 2 hours. Inventory Pricing is updated and accurate. The inventory is super easy to navigate and I get instant numbers. I highly recommend backbook software."

Maureen - Pool & Yacht Club

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